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About The Hollywood Bound Success

The story of Hollywood Bound National Dance Championships


Celebrating our 10th anniversary year.

Hollywood Bound has once again had a tremendously successful year, with an overwhelming number of talented dancers participating. As one of the most sought-after dance competitions in Australia, our glamorous and sophisticated national finals are a true testament to the incredible productions that Hollywood Bound consistently delivers. It's no wonder that so many gifted dancers keep coming back for more.


In addition to our renowned Showcase Australian Dance Championships, our company has provided countless opportunities to dancers for the past 30 years. We have taken young performers to various corners of the world, including Canada, Asia, the United States, and now Europe.

To date, we have awarded over $2.3 million in cash prizes, further solidifying our commitment to supporting and nurturing the dance community.


While the level of competition in the dance industry has undeniably reached new heights, we firmly believe in fostering a fun and memorable experience for all dancers and their families. We understand that every dancer aspires to claim the top spot, but we also prioritize creating an environment that encourages enjoyment and personal growth.


The Hollywood Bound National Dance Championships Regionals serve as the pre-qualifier for the prestigious Australian Dance Championships. These championships will take place on the stunning Gold Coast in January 2025, hosted at the renowned Star Casino. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that our very own National Finals will be held in Sydney in January 2025. Any act that achieves a High Silver or above will have the incredible opportunity to progress to the national level and represent their state in the finals.


We invite you to continue reading to discover the exciting new changes we have in store for this season at Hollywood Bound. On behalf of my entire team, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering dedication to our Australian-owned company.


On behalf of my team, I Thank you for your continual dedication to an Australian-owned company since 1994,


Peter Oxford

Producer & Creative Director

Hollywood Bound National Dance Championships

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